Summer Bassin' 2016!

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Summer Bassin' ~ 2016

Your Best Bass Summer, Ever...
The fish are coming off the nest and NOW it gets interesting!
Are they in the shallows? Are the bass in the depths? Are they moving or are they "static"?
...Requires the Best Bass Lures...
Topwater baits from Rapala, crankbaits from Strike King, swim baits and soft plastic baits from Yamamoto to Berkley.
...AND Best Bass TACTICS!
YES! We provide the best selection of bass lures, whether you're looking to land largemouth, smallmouth , striped bass or some other species. But the best lure won't help you if you don't have the skills !

The Best-Bass-Lures Mission

Our mission is not just to show you the best deals on bass lures from across the internet, it's also to give you the intel you want & need to decide which bass lures are the best for your waters, your conditions, your fish of choice.

Pro Tour Lures ~ 2016

What are the lures taking bass on the Pro Tour for the 2015 bass season? We don't mean "what are the hot selling lures", we mean "what are the lures that are catching fish"?!? Half way through the pro bass season; the lure trends are coming in and we share the intel! Read More

Spring Spawn Bass Guide 2016spring spawn largemouth taking plug lure The 1st of our series on finding, fishing and catching Spring bass is now posted! Find where the hungry bass are, NOW, where they're going to be, SOON, and what lures, tactics and techniques it takes to hook them and land them!
Finding Pre-Spawn & Spawning Largemouth will help you locate fish as they get ready, then take to, their preferred nesting and spawning grounds in this odd Spring of 2015.
If you don't know where they are, how you gonna catch them?!?

Best Bass Techniques

Newest Carolina Bass Rig Techniques

Carolina rig with weights soft plastic baitCarolina bass rigs have been around since the 80's. The essentials of this classic lure presentation are the same but over the years, some twists have emerged to make this bass fishing standard even more effective. What're the newest, most innovative & productive updates to this classic bass rig? Find out at New Tricks with The Carolina Rig.

Soft Plastic Lures

Best soft plastic bass lures by Yamamoto Soft plastic bass lures have made incredible strides over the years. New makers, particularly from that hot bed of Japan, have brought the bass angler some incredible products with bass-provoking properties. Yamamoto, Yum, Megabass & a host of other soft plastic bass lure makers have stormed the scene and produced lures that make even the weekend fisherman's catch something to brag about.
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Swimbait Lures

 The world record largemouth bass, caught in Japan, was caught on what kind of bass lure? Anyone? The world record largemouth was taken on a swimbait, a LARGE swimbait. Relatively new to the bass lure arsenal swimbaits are hugely effective bass lures and are taking ALL bass waters by storm, across North America, South America and, obviously, overseas in largemouth & smallmouth bass fishing territories many of us have never imagined. Spro, Lucky Craft & Strike King are just a few of the newest produers of this bass-catching wonder. If you don't have at least one or two bass swimbait lures in your tackle box you may be missing the one lure that will land your most memorable bass.
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Best Bass Jigs

storm brand bass bait When there's a "funk" in the air & the largemouth & smallmouth bass aren't biting what's the best lure solution? Try a buzzbait to rile the bass to strike! We feature the best deals on the best Booyah, Lucky Strike, Strike King buzzbait lures & virtually every other maker of bass buzzbaits, including your favorite!
Not only that, we'll show you how to tweak that favorite buzzbait to take more & bigger bass.
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